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Live Animal Removal Punta Gorda FL

Live Animal Removal

Punta Gorda Live Animal Removal
Live Animal Removal in and near Punta Gorda Florida

Live Animal Removal in Punta Gorda

Do you have children? Grand children? Pets? Pest wildlife on your property can be a real threat to your loved ones. That cute animal can quickly bite or scratch causing serious pain and scaring and possibly more.

Are you aware that most of these animals are vectors of many possible diseases, including rabies and even leprosy. So if you or a loved one including your pets are unfortunate enough to have a run in with one of these animals it could quickly turn into a trip to the hospital or worse. You may want to know what diseases are transmitted directly from those cute animals people are exposed to. So here is a list of some:

- Plague (did we go there, yep its biblical)

- Rat-Bite Fever (well that sounds cute, cute enough to kill you if not treated

- Lassa Fever (never heard of it, well neither did the 5,000 people it kills a year)

- Tularemia (You like travel? So does Tularemia, it has been reported in every state except Hawaii)

- Salmonellosis (speaking of travel, get salmonellosis and you will be traveling—to the rest room)

- Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever (the good news is the fatality rate is 3% or less, the bad news is the chills, fever, headache, severe muscle pain, vomiting, gastrointestinal symptoms and bleeding for 1-2 weeks the real bad news is some victims experience a second wave of symptoms at week 3 that includes fever and inflammation of the brain)

- Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (after that last one, yuck,  I’ll just say, you’ve been around rodents and have shortness of breath, fever and deep muscle aches see your doctor)

- South American Arenaviruses (carried by rats, mice, bats and other rodents)

- Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (symptoms range from fever to fluid on the brain requiring a surgical shunt)

- Hemorrhagic Fever with Renak Syndrome (can be exposed from dust from their nest)

- Leptospirosis (can lead to kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure and even death)

Okay, Okay I hear you, I’ll stop. Those diseases are just gross, YUCK! I will not list all the other ones animals and rodents are indirectly responsible for. (maybe on another page) So don’t you dare take a chance with these animals? Let us remove and clean them up for you.

Did you know that an adult raccoon can quickly kill a dog many times their size. No matter how big and tuff you think your dog is, remember the animal on your property works and fights for a living. Your big bad tuff pet slept on the couch in the air conditioning last night and has food and water in a bowl in the same place every day. So, you do the math. Your pet tangling with a wild animal very rarely ends well.

You may be reading this and thinking my pet is big enough and strong enough and has been breed to do this and can win this fight, and you may be right. Sounds like you have a cool pet. So, I want you to think about it another way. Please follow my thought on this. Your loved ones or pet never walk away from an interaction with a wild animal without the possibility of some serious to life threating issues and the animal they interacted with still has to be dealt with at some level. You or your family can be repaid for your kindness of tolerating or even feeding the animal by a trip to the hospital or vet for stitches and a series of rabies vaccinations. I am sure you can see how it is safer, kinder to all involved and also if you think it through just cheaper to let a professional take care of it right the first time.

Do you have an animal running around your attic?  Do you hear something moving around in your wall? Leave it to a professional to figure out what is going on! Most likely the animal issue you are having will be a raccoon, opossum, or maybe even rats.  We even remove live animals that are in your yard such as armadillos and raccoons.  Our goal is to safely trap, remove and relocate the animal. We believe in the humane way of trapping these animals.  We will assure you that our professionals will find the culprit.

What can you expect when using our services?  You can always expect a professionally dressed and respectful employee of ours to show up at your door prepared for inspection.  They will go to different parts of your structure to get better ideas or clues as to where it is hiding.  Did you know that just removing the live animal is not enough? You will need a trained expert to track down how the animal got in and prevent it from happening again. We do this by sealing the entry points with special products that are resistant to potential future animal and pest invasion. Our training is top notch and our guys know the different signs for different animals.  If you have a live animal that needs removed in or around your home, please give us a call today.

Live Animal Removal Punta Gorda FL

Animal Removal

Punta Gorda Live Animal Removal
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